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9 months ago

Tight Creampie

Elena Koska’s Tight Creampie Pussy

Tight pussy young teen stunner babe Elena Koshka gets her pussy creampied by a hard giant dick after a nice hard fuck.Overview is. Our lucky big cock stud is at home when the doorbell rings. Not expecting anyone in the first place he is surprised by the beautiful chick at the door. She introduces herself as the foreign exchange girl from Russia who is supposed to be staying with him and his wife. In light of this being news to him there are some great benefits. After all cleaning the house naked and letting him cum insider is enough for him to want her to stay. So after showing her to her room, he makes a mess while she settles in. Elana strips off her clothes in order to clean the house.

Elena’s Tight Creampie, Oozing The Baby Batter

Getting aroused while watching this hot naked teen clean he tells her its time for the second part of the arrangement. He pick her up and carries her to the bedroom in order to get her tight creampie. Her tight little slit gets wet instantly to take his thick cock which he eagerly buries in her. Rubbing and slapping her pink snatch to keep it wet by all means he continues his assault on her tight twat. Sweating and pounding hard to be sure her pussy is feeling it he keeps on railing it. Finally as a result of his efforts he busts his load deep in her pink gash.Then slapping her twat a few times with his cock to get the last few drops out he steps back for a view. Thus she has the tight creampie pussy.

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