Katrina Jade And Jenna Ashely Thick Asses


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Thick Asses

Mind Blowing Thick Asses

A day for small bathing suits, some lesbian action, two gorgeous women and curvy thick asses.We have Katrina JadeA well known fetish model with a butt so nice she could probably build her whole career on booty shots alone. In addition and equally stunning is Jenna Ashely a blonde bombshell with an ass so amazing it makes men weak at the knees and strong in the root. The Video starts out with these babes kissing and showing off their comparatively curvy assets. Showing off those sexy butts and making out at the same time grabs your attention fast.In spite of the fact that this video starts out amazing it’s gets better when they oil up and walk up stairs. Given that these two are sexy beyond imagination the debauchery that transpires next is all most to much to handle.

Thick Asses and Lesbian Massage Will Make You Smile

To be sure that you are fully aroused these girls then give an eye popping booty clap session. Bent over and thick asses clapping as a result we see their tight little pussies spreading open. Hence, at this point if you are not hard you must be gay, even so you may still be hard. Then comes the massaging, in short, watching a woman massage another woman’s fine booty equals a great scene. Massaging thus moves onto the girls giving toy play to each others now soaking wet pussies. Ultimately leading to some girl on girl 69 action. On the whole I would rate this a 5 out of 5 star clip. The girls are just so amazing and the scenes and filming bring out the best in these ladies. I think it’s safe to say that any man would thoroughly enjoy this clip.

Did You Like This Curvy Thick ass Clip?

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