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Ariel Skye Tries Teen Sex and The Jizz Swallowing Growth Solution

Young delightful petite girl Ariel Skye gets pounded by her brothers friends jumbo sized hard dick after dropping by at their home in this teen sex episode. Ariel has been super bummed out lately. All of her friends are tall and have sexy legs while shes just a little runt under five feet. She wants to grow so badly, and hopes that one day her wish will come true. As she starts to measure her height, her brothers friend stops by to see if hes down to chill, but he is not home just yet, so he vibes on the couch. He watches Ariel measure herself, asks why, then his heart literally breaks for her short situation.

The Solution

Good thing Brad is a genius, and knows the secret of cum. The secret is, if you swallow it and get it all up inside you, overnight you will start to grow! Ariel is in shock and doesn’t waste time cramming his dick into every hole she can in order to gain an inch or two. Not only did she gain a few inches overnight, but she also gained over 7 inches of throbbing man meat all up in her orifices and close to 8oz of cum, just a little bit under the recommended daily value. Watch the full Ariel Skye video here
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