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These sexy friends just can’t stay off of their little teen pussies but hey I’m not saying I blame them. I know I would surely play in both of their tiny fuck boxes. Hers is some background on how an ordinary day took a kinky twist. Alice March and Angel Smalls are best friends two friends. The two girls  do practically everything with each other! They shop, workout and even wash each others tight pussies in the shower on occasion. Today started out like every other, the girls went for a jog and a work out session. During their jog thinks got a little odd.

Teen Pussies Turn The Girls On

The stop just off the street to stretch. Though the girls have not admitted it out loud yet they both have recently been getting turned on by teen pussies.  For instance as they stretch on the side of the road Alice March finds herself starring at her friends ass. Likewise, when they turn the other direction Angel Smalls is booty gazing and starting to get wet. After loosening their tight muscles for a few they continue on home. This is where the day begins to really start taking a turn and gets weirder.

Alice March Shares A Secret

Upon their return to the house they remain outside for awhile to chat and cool those hot teen pussies down. Suddenly Alice March asks about Angel Smalls new step brother. It was kinda random to bring up but Alice wanted to know what he is like. Angel looks a bit distressed but tells her he is into football. That’s when Alice’s secret comes out and she admits that she thinks he is cute. Her friend thinks that is odd that she is into her step-bro. Then again she is such a horny little slut and always looking for cock so maybe it’s not to hard to believe.

Angel Smalls Gets Freaky

The two naughty minded chicks go upstairs and get in the shower with each other. While being so focused on washing those sweaty teen pussies they forgot to close the door. Right on cue the the step-brother comes home and walks into the bathroom. What a surprise he gets seeing the two gorgeous and extra small girls naked in the shower together. So he decides to start recording them on his phone and gets busted. Alice is such a slut she invites him in. Angel is freaked out at first but then goes with the flow. They even fuck him together at the same time. But hey they aren’t related by blood HEHEHE!

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