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8 months ago

Sally Squirt is hanging out at the house while her dad and his friend watch the game on TV. When her pops introduces her to Shawn he freaks out about how grown she is. It has been a long time since they last saw each other. She likes what she sees and plans to take this fella to the Sally Squirt xXx games. Though  I’m pretty sure he is 100% okay with her playing that game with him. Now she starts eye fucking her dads friend all day because she wants his cock. On his way to the bathroom Sally called him into her room to talk while she did her homework. This lucky dude is about to give his friends sexy petite 18 year old daughter a hard pussy bang which she enjoys.

Sally Squirt xXx Cock and Balls Game

Her name should be Sally Squirt xXx because she is a tiny sexy freak. She wears braces and has an itty bitty twat that craves colossal cocks all of the time. This naughty girl thinks of nothing but getting her pussy stuffed with hard-dick. Now she begins to play with his stiffening shaft. She puts his huge dick into her tiny little mouth and he can’t take it any longer and must fuck this tiny girl. He grabs her and pulls her on top of him while she starts bouncing on his cock. She fucks him until he pulls out and blows his thick load all over her face and braces. He has a new favorite game day and it has nothing to do with a pig skin. However, it has everything to do with penetrating his buddies daughters skins!

Duration: 8:05

Rating: 75%


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