Nickey Huntsman Fucks Her Friends Brother


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Nickey Huntsman,is hot little dick junkie chick from from way back in the day. She recently started fucking her best friends brother and doesn’t want her to know. Her friend calls and she lies telling her she got caught up and they would have to catch a later viewing of the movie they had planned on seeing that night. Damn, that’s messed up the whole time her besties brother was with her. Nickey lied she really was blowing her friend of so she get fuck her bro. What a terrible friend she has turned into and all because she’s addicted to cock.

Nickey Huntsman The Cock addict

As soon as she put the phone down with her girl she had to have the dick. her pussy was ready and she shoved his rod into her mouth. She gobbles this dudes fuck stick up like some getting food after being starved for two weeks. This chick is even thinking of blowing her plans with his sister completely just so she can get more of his bone. He fucks her face just like he is plowing into a good piece of pussy. She loves it and takes his hard throbbing pole all the way down to his balls.

She Is Worked Up

He gives her a break so that he can eat her pussy. Nickey Huntsman has and amazing pussy and it tastes so good that this dude could munch on it all day. Getting her twat sucked and her clit licked maker her come. Not to mention the fact that she gets so turned on that her nipple poke out about a half inch. Seriously you could cut diamonds with her nipples because they are so stiff. However, she cant take much more of this type of play and she needs his manhood deep in her vagina.

Nickey Takes A Facial

Her lover hurriedly bends her over and slides deep into Nickey Huntsman from behind. Nickey almost cums instantly but re-gains control while he rails her long, hard and deep from the back. Wanting a better position she climbs on his shaft reverse cowgirl. Now she uses all over weight to take his huge staff all the way into her. However, her pussy is so sopping wet that his dick just keeps slipping out of her. However it doesn’t take much longer before he pulls out to giver her his load. She quickly gets on her knees while opening her mouth to receive his warm milky goo. Now she contemplates going to the movies with his sister, what a slut!

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