Michelle Martinez : My Personal Fuck Toy


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3 months ago

Petite 18
Brad goes looking for his girlfriend and runs into her sister. Come to find out he has been punked cause this slut is out with another dude. However, her lil sis totally wants to be his personal fuck toy for the afternoon and possibly more. She keeps nagging him to fuck her while running his hand across her teen pussy. Though he is acting like a whinny little bitch about his hoe of sucking another man off, he is starting to want to fuck her. She is done messing around and pulls his cock out to put it in her mouth like a good fuck toy. Once she is slurping on his dong he stops acting like a pussy and and really wants to bang this chick. He grabs the back of her head to push his cock into her face further.

Pounding His Favorite Fuck Toy

This tiny petite slut is so cock hungry. He’s now thinking that she will work great as his side fuck toy and then getting another chick too. He bends her over doggy style after she chokes on his balls for awhile. Her tiny pink pussy gets stretched wide as he rams his fat cock into it. She screams loudly as he fiercely jams his dick into her over and over. This little slut is gonna have a sore pussy when he is done with her. The petite slut rides him for awhile before switching to missionary position. As the finish up he thinks about wiping his cock of on her sisters pillow.

Duration: 5:07

Rating: 84%


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