License To Fail


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License To Fail  

The only License Richelle Ryder Gets Is A License To Fail

Ravishing petite girl Richelle Ryder gets her small tight pussy drilled by her driving instructor in exchange of letting her pass on her drivers license exam. Yet only gets a License To Fail.

Richelle is frustrated and I don’t blame her. She seems to be doing the right thing when it comes to her driving exam, but the instructor seems to have something against her. She cant do one task correctly in his eyes. Shes tired of failing and will do anything to pass. Shes uses that tiny slutty brain of hers and decides that maybe if she sucks his cock, she will pass. She moistens up her super small small lips and drops neck like its going out of style. After getting into it, she asks the important question of if she will pass now?

License To Fail In Epic Proportions

This cocky motherfucker of a driving teacher says shes not the first girl to blow him, and shes a bit bummed but willing to go the extra mile. They go back to her house since mom isn’t home they can quickly get into the real driving lesson… Driving hard cock into exxxtra small teen pussy! this driving teacher turns her delicate pussy into an extra rare slab of roast beef. You would think after taking a drilling like that and a fat load of cum to the face she would be able to get her permit.Not the case, the instructor still dint let her pass. What a pervy scumbag! Watch the full length video and hundreds more from other petite young sluts here Exxxtra Small

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