Three Is Definitely A Lesbian Party


I feel lucky
1 month ago

Sexy step sisters Lexi and Blondie have a lesbian party on their best friend Sheila when she gets home from school. The two step-siblings have been have sex with each other for years while hiding it from everyone. However, the sexy teen girls decide that they want to have a threesome with their bestie. They wait for her outside and soon see her walking up the street. She is wearing a short schoolgirl skirt with her shapely ass hanging out. The girls can’t wait to stuff their faces in her pink wet twat. They bring her inside and explain to her that they are into other girls and have been  fooling around with each other for a long time. After some talk and some pussy rubbing they are able to get her panties off. She realizes that she likes getting her soft tits and pussy licked from girls after all.

Duration: 8:14

Rating: 96%


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Titty Attack