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1 month ago

Emili is one seriously hot bitch with long blonde hair and a stunning body. This sexy babe is having some very naughty thoughts and decides to surprise her man. She puts on her sexiest white lingerie while she waits for him to return home from work. A few minutes before he arrives she lays on her stomach on the couch. She is sure to make sure that her ass is showing because he really loves her little butt. When he walks through the door and sees her his excitement grows instantly. Now he struts to through the house with only one purpose and that is her. She smiles at him as he sits on the sofa behind her while starting to rub on her ass. He flips her over to pull her top down. Her perfect natural breasts fall out. Her breasts are very soft with perfect tiny pink nipples.

He grabs his gorgeous little hot bitch while yanking her closer to him. Now he feels her moist pussy as he places his hand between her legs. He slides his fingers up into her slick wetness and she moans with pleasure. She is extremely horny and pulls out his cock and slurps it up into her mouth. However, he has had enough of the foreplay and he wants to fuck her. So he pushes his dick into her soft slick vaginal lips and begins to pump in and out of her. He stops before he cums to prolong the great sex. She pushes her ass up towards him and he knows that’s where she wants to be penetrated next. He works a finger up into her small tight asshole while moving it all around to loosen her up. He then re-positions himself and gently slides his cock into her ass.

Duration: 7:01

Rating: 96%


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