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2 months ago

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Stunningly sexy chick Taylor May wants to do something special for her guy on their anniversary. She is in a sexy and horny mood and decides that a little hardcore anal action is just what they need. Recently, she purchased some hot red and Lacey lingerie which she has been saving for the right time. Once she has her outfit on she texts him to give some specific instructions. She tells him that when he comes in to walk to the couch and put on the blind fold. He is then instructed to sit and wait patiently for her. Knowing that his kinky girls has something in store, he smiles and does as told. Taylor took the time to give herself some anal training with her favorite sex toy today. She does like the way it feels in her ass and plans to have more anal sex in the future.

Let The Hardcore Anal Games Begin

Walking into the living room in her red g-string ridding up her ass crack she sees that he has obeyed her directions. She has never let him perform hardcore anal sex on her before. There fore she is sure that he does not know what is about to happen. She straddles him and he cups her firm teen ass while growing hard in his pants. This butt slut ties him up and sucks on his cock. Once he is fully erect and slick she backs her ass up on his cock until he is all the way inside of her. She unties him so that they can more easily continue their anal sex session. He lays back on the bed and lets her ride on his cock reverse anal style. Her perfect pussy is clearly visible and they fornicate until they both reach climax.

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