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3 months ago

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What should a guy do when he finds out his girlfriend is a lying cheating whore? Get some good old internet style girlfriend revenge of course. Nickey Huntsman, is getting ready to go be a slut with another guy behind her boyfriends back. What she doesn’t realize is that he picked up her phone when a text message went off. Wow, all the messages from her lover over the past few weeks while she lied to his face about her whereabouts. Obviously he is not happy but he plays it of well. He keeps his cool because he is going to get even with this treacherous bitch.

Girlfriend Revenge Setup

He gets his camera rolling and walks into the bathroom with Nickey to bait her for the girlfriend revenge plot. She is in her bra and panties with her thick ass looking amazing. He asks her where she is going and she lies right to his face about going to hang with her girl friend. Scandalous ass female, however, that is okay since he has something to get even. He continues to ask questions to see how many more lies she will tell. this chick just keeps on not telling the truth about anything.

A little Sex Before You Leave

Now he begins telling her how hot she looks and how she really needs to fuck him before she takes off. She has no idea about his girlfriend revenge scheme. You see he is going to fuck the shit out of her on camera. Mostly only showing her. Then he is going to blast the video out on all of her social media to all of her friends. Since she will be busy getting another guys dick she won’t notice until it has been up for hours. This bitch is sure enough gonna learn a lesson that she will never forget.

Let The Camera Roll

This will be the best girlfriend revenge ever. He gets her panties of and positions the camera to close up her pussy while still showing her face. The he roughly starts jamming his fingers into her twat. After he gets plenty of that recorded he beds her over and plows her wet snatch as hard as he possibly can. all the wile capturing her facial expressions, moans and swinging tits on film. Once finished he lets her get dressed and take off like everything is normal. As soon as, she is out the door he starts uploaded her personal fuck film.

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