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Exotic looking babysitter Martini Bows throws her pussy on her boss after canceling his date.
So Pete has a date with a new bitch this evening but it’s while he has his kids! That’s ok despite being short notice his babysitter seems to always be down to come over. He calls Martini who he has been dreaming that he fucks babysitter chick lately. She’s also awesome with the children even while dressed slutty. When she arrives, he advises her the circumstance and after that heads to the lavatory so as to get prepared. As Martini is holding up in the family room, she sees Pete’s telephone buzzing. It happens to be his date! Martini answers and and tells her not call that Pete fucks Babysitter chicks because she wants to fuck him.

Pete Fucks Babysitter Girls Shaved Pussy

Martini answers the cell phone, namely to tell this bitch that Pete is taken because of course she wants his dick. Pete gets super pissed until she offers him some of her special babysitter services. For customers she likes such as Pete she enjoys showing off her phat ass and giving up her tight young pussy. Martini tells Peter he can cum all over her face and perky teen tits. As Martini snoozes after they fuck, Peter gets a call from his canceled date. Martini is busted but it was an amazing evening. Pete was totally pissed even tough he got some of Martini’s tight little pussy and fire head. Pete will answer his own phone next time before he fucks babysitter bitches.

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