Flunking Step Daughter Gets A Golden Rachel Starr


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10 months ago

Flunking Step Daughter sally squirt Gets Fucked By Stepmom Rachel Starr

Flunking Step Daughter

Rachel Starr learns Sally Squirt, her naughty stepdaughter is failing because she skips all of her classes. Sally is down for anything rather than have her dad find out. Rachel has a thought, she has always liked teen girls and after all always fantasized about eating young sallies tight teen pussy. She tells sally that in order for her to keep this between them, Sally must have a threesome with her and a dude naked Bruno. Rachel then makes Sally lick her pussy, to her surprise, Sally discovers she like pussy and licks Rachel eagerly. As the video moves on Bruno rams both of these hot chicks with his oversized engorged cock. Rachel’s fantasy of getting some teen pussy is fulfilled thanks to her flunking step daughter.

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