Couple’s Massage Seduction


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2 months ago

Sexy chicks Holly Hendrix and Sally Squirt engage in erotic massage seduction play. These two horny girls find each other so irresistible that they can’t keep their hands of of each other. Holly just wants to squeeze Sally’s small film titties while oiling her up. Squirtz has  has perfect and tiny nipples that get get so hard as her friend teases them. They are actually so nice that Holly gets so turned on that she has to stick her tongue in Sally’s mouth. She pauses the long passionate kiss because she wants to remove her own shirt. Once her chest is bare she has equally small and firm breasts. these two have almost identical boobs and it is super hot. Sally likes her girls cute little tits and helps remove Holly’s shorts and thong. Meanwhile their stud plays with Holly’s ass while sticking his thumb into her tiny tight  pussy.

That’s when these two hot teen babes take this massage seduction thing to a whole new level. Sally starts running her fingers over Holly’s pussy while their guy plays with her butt-hole. Then they lube this dudes cock up and stroke him at the same time. The gorgeous petite girls get this fella real worked up before licking each others pussies. Sally tongues Holly’s tiny slit and butt hole while Holly’s eyes roll in ecstasy. Then Holly Hendrix rides on sally’s face while Sally Squirt buries her nose in Holly’s soft trimmed bush. The girls then go back to sucking on buddies cock and balls. This fella has had enough of watching the girls perform their lesbian acts on one another. He takes over and fucks their small pussies with his massive dick. After he brings them both to climax he finally pulls out and sprays his cum on them!

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