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Teen Curves
Naught nympho Kate Alston knows how to tease with her curvaceous big booty and perky tits. This chick really wants to be a part of Team Skeet and her ass surely makes a good first impression. She oils up that thick butt and then begins to let it jiggle and bounce. By the time this girl even gets into the house her tush is dripping lube while her pussy lips hang down. I have to tell you that hot teen slut has an ass that just won’t quit. Not to mention the fact, that she knows how to use it.

Big Booty Girl Gets On Her Knees

The very first thing this babe does when she gets in the house is to kneel down and swallow a cock. Hell yea this horny big butt girl knows how to get down. Once she has this dudes meatsicle lodged deep in her mouth she just locks on. She is like a sucker fish that keeps slobbing on his know like it’s the last piece of food on the planet or something. It looks as though she really knows how to work that tongue piercing. I think it’s pretty obvious that this is far from her first blow job.

More Booty Oil Please

After she gnaws on his junk for awhile he spins her around to add more lube to her big booty. With her ass in the air he he rubs it all in getting her all nice and slick. Then he spreads her ass cheeks open and inserts himself balls-deep into her meat wallet. He grabs at her round ass and uses it ass leverage to plow into her with more force. She moans as he smacks her rear end and rams he again and again. All the while spreading her booty to let us peak at her tiny butt hole.

The Ultimate Buttocks Ride

She then climbs on top and lets that big booty work up and down ans she hammers on his cock. Her thick ass jiggles like jello as works it harder and harder getting close to her climax. Then he leaves her thick ass alone and lays her on her back missionary style. From her he throws her leg over his shoulder and fucks her tight box while her tits swing free. She screams loudly as she has a hard orgasm leaving his dick all wet and slippery. He rolls her on her side to let us see her sexy ass one more time. Then he pulls out of her to spray his cum all in her face.

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