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3 months ago

Silly hot chick Britany Shae tries the arch that back challenge that she saw on the internet. In nothing but her bra and thong she gets on all fours on her couch. She sticks her curvy ample ass in the air while stealing glimpses of herself over her shoulder. While looking at her iphone she wiggles her but and attempts to get her back in just the right position. She keeps pushing her booty higher and higher in the air because she is amused by the way her butt looks on cam. That’s when her step daddy came home from work early and walked in on her while she was twerking that phat ass. He gets all freaked out and runs upstairs. Meanwhile she yells up the stairs at him that he better not tell her mom that she’s performing arch that back tryout. She confident that Tony will keep quiet.

Daddy Helps Record Daughter Arch That Back Video

He has no idea what the heck she is talking about. So he goes online and looks up Arch Back Challenge. The first thing that pops up is hot chicks with thick booties just like his step daughters on Teen Curves. He goes down to ask her what the hell she is doing and she says she entering arch back. She says that all of her friends are doing it and she doesn’t want to be un-cool. Then like any good father figure would do he decides to help her win arch back challenge. They start out by having the beautiful teen take his cock into her warm mouth. Then he has her ride his dick with her booty bouncing right in his face while she moves. He blows a fat wad into her pretty little face. By now she should have learned enough good moves to become a winner!

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