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Beautiful Casey Calvert shows up at her fiance’s brothers house two days early. Her man is not there yet and she starts wondering what it would be like to be with another man. She likes his brother Ike and wonders if it would be cheating if she let him take her anal virginity. You see Casey is a virgin and she is saving herself for marriage. However, on the other hand she feels like she is selling herself short by never having the opportunity to know what another dude is like. So she sets about the task of slowly luring him in and getting him ready to take her up her butt.

Hatching The Anal Virginity Scheme

Casey finds out that he is a photographer and she gets an idea. She wants him to take pictures of her so that she can give them to her guy. Though really she just wants to get him worked up and get him into her ass. She walks downstairs in black lingerie looking so sexy. Ike looks very uncomfortable. He also doesn’t know what to say when she asks him to take photos of her in her panties. After all she is marrying his brother so this seems a bit wrong to him. However, he finally gives in and they go to his studio to shoot.

She Will Get Him Up Her Butt

He is really turned on by how hot she is in her underwear and has no idea that she is planning on him taking her anal virginity away from her. Finally he wants to take things further and asks him to remove her top. Shy bashfully plays coy but removes it. Next come the panties and he is about to bust in his pants. This gorgeous barely legal teen is stunning and he wants some of her for sure. Later she brings him one step closer to fucking her because she sucks his dick out by the pool.

Anal Mission Complete

Now he is loosing his mind over how badly he wants to slap her curvy ass and dominate her. Today Casey is determined that her long held anal virginity will be lost to Ike. He finds her once again in her black-lingerie and she tells him that she wants to experience another fella before she gets married. He says that he can not help her because she is with his bro. She then explains that if the do it anal style then it is not cheating. She remains a virgin because taking it anally saves her vagina for her husband. He thinks about it for a minute. Then he takes off her lace-panties and fucks her tight ass just how she wanted it!

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