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4 months ago

Teens Love Anal
Gorgeous petite blonde Angels Smalls wakes up and her boyfriend Chad is already gone. She was having an awesome dream that they were playing some freaky anal sex games. Now she is so horny and he is not there to bury himself deep in her ass  how she likes it. She is such an anal slut but she just can’t help it because she loves anal sex. As a matter of fact, she always loves to play sex games but he always works so much now. He never has time to take care of her needs any more. She wishes he could quite but of course they need the money to pay their bills. She decides to be naughty and has a way that she is sure will make him smile. Grabbing her phone,  she heads  to the bathroom to surprise him.

Working Him Up To Play The Anal Sex Games

She begins posing in front of the mirror in her tiny panties and push up bra. Then she starts snapping photos to send him hoping he will come home for lunch and join in her naughty anal sex games. Angel texts him constantly during the day and additionally sends him sexy photos. She is such a naughty girl never the less any many would be lucky to come home to horny chick. She gets so worked up instead of waiting for her man she is constantly pleasing herself. As much as she prefers her guys dick she has to have her needs met. So toy masturbation it is. On this particularly horny day Angel decides to play something a bit different.

She Penetrates Herself Deep In her Ass

She begins her anal sex games with a huge purple but plug licking it in order to lube it up. Sticking it to her tight little asshole she gets it in in spite of the huge size. She is on all fours with her anal plug shoved deep in her ass as Chad walks in catching her. He is amazed with the size of the  butt-plug shoved so deep in her ass. Now he wants to fuck her. Approaching the bed he tells her, well if that’s what you want. He pulls his cock out after all he wants to be deep in her ass just like that butt plug was. He gets behind her so that he can fuck her ass real good. Angel is certainly pleased that she is finally getting the anal attention she craves. He tears her  ass up right good before blowing his  sticky load.

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