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Seth has been wondering how to ask his girl to let him fuck her in the ass. Then all of a sudden an anal princess comes knocking on his door. This princess is actually Marsha May and she has come to hang out with his sister. At this point he doesn’t know that she is a total anal junkie. They have not seen each other in awhile and he takes notice to how amazing she looks and he would definitely like to fuck her. His eyeballs are locked on her perfect ass as she walks away. Thinking in his own head how much he would like to do anal with her he goes to call his friend.

Eavesdropping Anal Princess

He calls his boy who has recently done anal with his girl to get some advice. Meanwhile anal princess Marsha hears him on the phone and listens from the hallway. He tells his boy that he wants to fuck his chick in the ass but doesn’t know how to approach the subject. Should he bring it up in the middle of dinner like hey baby how about I putt it in your butt tonight? Perhaps while he is already inside her pussy and maybe ask for the other hole. This dude is clueless about the situation.At this point his little hall spy is getting ideas in her head.

Princess Anal To The Rescue

Seth is returning from work the next day and discovers that his front door is standing wide open. WTF, that’s weird he knows he closed the door when he left. That’s when he notices the sexy anal princess on his couch all bent over and ready to go. This perfect anal slut is on all 4 with a butt plug shoved up her ass and directions written on her ass. Her booty reads: Step 1, remove butt-plug. Step 2, insert your cock. OMG he is in aww as this chick is like a little anal princess fairy of sorts.  Here to make all his wildest anal fantasies come true.

His First Anal Mission

The first thing he wants to know is what this hot teen babe is doing naked in his living room. She explains that she overheard him talking about his anal dilemma and that she is her to help him out and give him some practice. With that said he pulls the toy from her backdoor and removes his dick from his pants. She is so tight that he has trouble getting it in. Once in he realizes how different anal sex feels. It actually feels better because it’s much tighter. He hurts her a bit in the beginning until she finally loosens up enough to let him slam her poop-hole with everything he’s got. Then she anally rides his huge pole in about every way imaginable. They continue until they have both exhausted themselves.

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