Alexa Nova Gives Up Her Ass


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1 year ago

Alexa Nova Gives Up Her Ass

Giving Up Her Ass To Step Daddy

Alexa’s step daddy and mom are fighting because she is a prude and won’t lit him fuck her in the ass. That’s where Alexa Nova comes in. Because she is a naughty girl with deep daddy issues. Also with a desire to get fucked up her ass. Her fantasy is to have daddy fuck her tight teen pussy before having rough anal sex with her. She wants him to fuck her instead of her mom! Her dad rushes out of the room all pissy like and barges into the restroom! Alexa follows hi in and offers her ass to him with a promise that he can fuck her ass anytime.He couldn’t resist and fucked her roughly in her tight teen pussy and eager asshole. After he had anal sex with her he then blew a huge sticky wad of cum all over her!

Teen anal Fantasies Sure Are Crazy

She can now have daddy’s hard long dick up her ass anytime. Alexa and dad both get what they want because he gets to have anal sex and she gets daddy instead of mom. Some teens sexual desires are a bit bent but, the pussy and teen ass want what they want.

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