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What would you do if you found out your step sis and her best friend were actually young lesbians just beginning to experiment? Well, here is how sexy teen lesbian Haven Rae reacts when she gets busted. She comes home from school with her friend Sydney Cole and the two girls head straight to the bedroom. Haven’s brother is getting pissed off because of all the noise they are making. He is trying to study and just can not concentrate so he goes to tell them to be quiet! However, what he sees as he gets to the bedroom door stops him instantly.

Two hot young lesbians making out with each other on his sisters bed. No wait one of these lesbian teens is his step-sister. Wholly shit he has always wanted to fuck his sisters friend and watching the play with each others tits has him fully erect. He then starts to wonder just how long his sister has been a lesbian. His step sister is really cute, as well, and he kinda wants to fuck her too. That’s when he begins to fantasize about fucking their tight little pussies and gets busted by the two hot lesbian chicks.

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Standing there jerking his fully hard cock the teen lesbian girls both turn and look at him at the same time. Now he has some pissed off young lesbians yelling at him and talking shit. He quickly retreats down the hall and can still hear the lesbian teens bickering. Now he is so embarrassed, he was getting off to the hottest lesbian scene ever but now they will think he is as creep. Haven comes out of her room to talk with him and though she is calm he feels like a pervo.

However, to his surprise she tells him that it is okay and that she wants to bang him, as well! Then starts sucking his dick and calls her lesbian friend to come and join them. Fuck yea, before he knows it he is fucking both young lesbians doggy style. The girls keep making out with each other the whole time. So after plowing the girls wet and ready pussies for awhile he pulls out and busts his load in their mouths. The eagerly swallow his warm spunk and then go back to kissing each other. What a fucking awesome study break. Something tells me this lucky dude is gonna be plowing the horny lesbian teens often from here on out!

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