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Hot babe Karissa Kane rubs her wet vagina after she gets turned on from her step brothers friend. She is doing her homework when her bro and his boy come in from working out. He notices karissa and has an instant attraction to her. She sees him looking at her while she studies and she gets very horny for him. He loves the way her thick ass looks in her tiny booty shorts. they continue making eye contact and smiles with each other while trying to keep anyone else from noticing. After a hard day at the gym the guys are really sweaty so the stud asks to go use the shower. As he goes upstairs to the bathroom Karissa slowly and silently follows him up. He leaves the door open when he gets into the bath. She watches him in the open doorway while he starts stroking his cock.

He pulls on his dick while thinking about Karissa. Little does he know that she is watching him with a wet vagina that she really wants him to fuck. She begins to play with her pussy while watching him jerk off. When suddenly he turns and sees her. She hurriedly tells him to be quite and not alert anyone. He is totally surprised when she strops naked and then steps into the shower-stall with him. She puts shampoo in her hand and washes his dick while jacking him off at the same time. He then bends her over and fucks the horny teen girl doggy-style as her thick ass bounces. They get out of the bath and he pounds into her perfect shaved pussy over and over. She sucks on his shaft for a bit before they go doggy once again and he cums deep in her tight pink twat.

Duration: 9:31

Rating: 95%


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