A Tingling Butt Plug Makes Her Happy


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3 months ago

Teens Love Anal
Rambunctious chick Sophia Grace can’t help being annoying when she has her butt plug shoved up her ass. She is in such an exuberant mood as she walks around with her toy deeply inserted in her butt that she drives her step-dad crazy. By talking non-stop and laughing uncontrollably this fella can’t get any reading done. He really wishes that she would just go away and leave him alone. She is such a brat but he has to be nice to her because she is his wife’s daughter. When she bends over while walking away he sees what is sticking out of her booty.

An Awkward Conversation About Her Butt Plug

He gets the whole picture of this sexy teens bare backside because she is not wearing any panties. Now he is quite interested and curious about why she has this device stuffed between her buns. The next morning as he is passing her room he notices her door open. She is laying on her stomach wearing nothing but her undies. He creeps in and pulls down her drawers for a peek and sure enough she has her anal toy implanted even while sleeping. As she comes down stairs later the conversation turns to why shy has that up her rear end. She admits while being totally embarrassed that she is preparing for anal sex with her boyfriend.

Dad Says Your Sex Toy Won’t Work

He tells Sophia that while trying to anal train with her butt plug was a good idea, it just won’t work. Then he goes on to explain that while a sex toy will stretch her open a little, a huge dick pounding her in the ass is much different. He tells her he knows because him and her mom used to have a lot of anal-sex and they tried her method. The only thing that works is actually taking a real dick in her booty. She finds this to be good news and asks him if he can help her out. He lets her know that the only way to get properly anal trained is for him to fuck her in the ass.

Sophia’s Completes Her Anal Training

She agrees and is glad for the help. They walk outside and he removes her undies and takes the butt plug from between her butt cheeks. She will no longer need her sex toy after today because daddy is about to break her in. He licks her poop-hole to get it wet while at the same time turns her on. Then she gives him a blow job in order to get him hard. Once hard he penetrates her rear-end and her ass is so tight. after awhile she loosing up and he really starts to ram her. She likes it so much that she reaches multiple back to back orgasms. What great parenting skills her step-dad has and what a good teacher!


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