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Teen Curves
Scrumptious black haired Mandy Muse has a tight teen body and shows off her twerking skills before taking a cock from behind. This chick has ass for days and knows how to sling it. After her outdoors booty-shake session in the sun she comes in to cool off. Somehow she manages to get her large yet firm real all oiled up on the way in. She is such a show off and goes straight to the couch and bends over it. Once on all fours she she starts jiggling her flanks again. Let me tell you it makes a guy just want to take a bite out of her tight ass.

Taming The Tight Teen Caboose

While giving us her sensational show the stud walks in the door and he is ready to get to work. He is delighted by her tight teen physique. She has hips and curves that just won’t quite with a set of perfect perky titties to match. The first thing this guy does is splash some more oil on her back side. Then he kneads and massages it for awhile and Mandy is getting worked up. As he spreads her cheeks you can see her fat moose knuckle is getting wet. Clearly, she is ready to get filled to the rim with him. She lets out little sighs of pleasure as he continues rubbing on her.

Her Tight Ass is Ready To Play

Growing tired of this foreplay she climbs on his lap and starts grinding. The gyration of her honey pot on his prick starts to make him hard. This beautiful teen girl leaves so much baby-oil on the from of his shorts that it looks like he all ready shot his wade. She’s such a good girl that she squats down and licks his dong after freeing it from his trousers. The size of it gets her even further turned on and she gently sucks on his balls.

All That Backyard and No Guard Dog

After he enjoys her warm mouth and face fucking this gorgeous tight teen chick with her amazing ass he is ready to fuck her. Removing her panties while he continues caressing her she sits on his face. She leaves her juices all over this dudes face while he gives her a mustache ride. He needs to come up for air because she is grinding that tight ass and pussy all over his face for so long. Finally he plows into her from behind and they fuck until they both climax. He really enjoyed her thick curvy ass so much it looks like he wants a second helping.

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