Thick Booty Gets Some Therapy


I feel lucky
1 month ago

Hot blonde Daisy Stone gets her thick booty worked on when she is unable to workout. She wakes up and gets out of bed totally naked. Her film natural boobs look tasty and suck-able. As she walks to the batch room to get dressed her sexy thick ass rolls and flexes with each step. Looking at herself while in front of the mirror she notices that her muscles are sore. She decides to workout because that always loosens her up. However, it starts raining just as she’s about to leave. Daisy then calls her massage therapist to come help her out. Pierre shows up and he can not take his eyes off of her butt cheeks because they are sticking out of her booty shorts.  She asks him to remove her shorts and work on her ass. He looks a bit confused by her blunt request but he eventually complies .

Duration: 9:15

Rating: 96%


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