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Hot teen sluts Ivy Rose and April Dawn are best friends with benefits and lesbian tendencies. The work together on a range and strut around all day in daisy dukes. Because of the heat they also usually wear half shirts while working and look so cute that they turn each other one. They frequently sneak off to lick each others wet pink pussies. Today their third worker never showed up so they have more to do. However through all the extra work they are already horny and kissing on one another. That’s when they noticed a pretty stranger walking around. She was looking pretty lost or something and was certainly not from around her. The two hot teens approached the sexy girl with thoughts of lesbian sex on their dirty minds. They asked if she could help them work and the beautiful stranger agreed to give them a hand.

Naughty Teen Sluts Break In The New Girl

They ask what she was doing out her and she says her name is Veronica Vega and she just moved here from the city. She explains that her father wants to be a farmer and the girls offer to show her how things work. That’s when these two freaky teen sluts ask the adorable girl to film them. They start kissing and ask if Veronica has any lesbian experience. She says that she doesn’t but freely goes along with what the other two girls are doing. the two seductive lesbian girls pounce on the city slicker like wolves on fresh meat. They take turns licking her tight pink pussy and butt. She likes it so much that she even goes down on these two cowgirls. That’s when she discovers that she likes the taste of pussy. However, she has to run when her dad shows up!

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