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Innocent High
Welcome to Dillion Harpers Teen Panties sale in an empty classroom. Business hours range from the time school starts until it lets out for the day Monday thru Friday. Yes this beautiful and crazy girl is selling all of her used undies all over school-grounds. She has created a quite lucrative business. All of the horny boys are buying them up and them masturbating to them at home. Everything has been going amazingly well for months until the one day when her coach walks in on her. She is so busted because she has under-garments laid out everywhere when he barges in on her. At first he is astonished at what he’s seeing and actually blurts out, what the fuck is going on here? She is like a deer caught in the headlights and is momentarily at a loss for words.

My Teen Panties For College Tuition Sir

The teacher is like, you have colorful little teen panties everywhere, what are you doing? She says she is having a fund raiser to raise funds for her university costs. Wholly shit can you believe what these sexy teen girls are doing for money these days. At this point he is like are you serious right now. He then tells her that this is not acceptable to sell at school and she should be peddling baked goods. Now she is looking nervous and embarrassed like she just wants to crawl under a rock somewhere. Especially after he tells her that he will have to tell the principle and that he will be very upset with her. However, being a nice guy he decides to help her out. Yeah right he just wants something from her.

Coach Wants Her Underwear

While looking at all of these sexy teen panties and at how beautiful Dillion Harper is, he gets turned on. He then explains that she must give him a set and that he wants the ones has on. She is a bit stunned by this, however, she is willing to do whatever it takes to not get into trouble. Yep, it is truly astonishing what these high-school chicks will do these days. They are such hot little sluts. She undresses in front of him revealing her large perfectly shaped tits and tiny pussy. By now both of them are aroused and she pulls his cock out to give it a good suck. With his excitement now growing very quickly he bends her over the desk. Taking her petite hips in his hands he thrusts up inside of her from behind.

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