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1 month ago

The Rub-A-Teen parlor runs a special for certain clients, it’s the teen masturbation massage. Their masseur has a thing for getting hot teen girls to cum. Nora heard about the place while talking to her friend. She was told that this guy is amazing and that he made her friend orgasm six times during their session. This sounds exactly like what she needs because she broke up with her boyfriend and has been sexually stressed lately. Her friend tells her which therapist to ask for and told her to mention her name and the special while getting her rub down. She made an appointment for that after noon. Once in the room with her masseuse she undressed and climbed up on the table. He oiled her up and began to expertly run his hands over her body. She was feeling very relaxed and yet a bit horny, as well.

That’s when she mentioned her friends name along with a request for the special teen masturbation treatment. she didn’t need to ask this fella twice as he was already admiring her perfect toned body. He then circled his fingers all around her tight young pussy. She got wet instantly and as he felt this he slipped his fingers up inside of her. As he worked his fingers in and out of her she grew more excited as did he. He  stopped to lick at her moist slip which brought her to her first orgasm. This hot teen was really enjoying her session when suddenly it got even better. He shoved his massive cock into her tiny pussy stretching it open to take him all the way in. She let him plow into her again and again before climbing on top. She Then jerked him off into her awaiting warm mouth.

Duration: 8:18

Rating: 95%


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