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How awesome would it be walking in on your sexy teen lesbian boss while the Secretary is licking her pussy? Pretty fucking spectacular I would imagine. Although, that’s not quite the case here it is pretty similar although you don’t get to walk in on them. You do, however, get to watch the hot teen lesbian lick fest at the office. Keisha Grey is a dominant bitch that loves snatch and she really has her eye on her new secretary Karlee Grey. Keisha is a total bitch to sexy little Karlee but that’s just because she wants Karlee’s pussy.

Karlee does not realize that she is a teen lesbian nor does she know her sexy boss is a dominant lesbian who wants to fuck her. Keisha has been watching Karlee with her curvy ass and big soft round tits all morning. Though Karlee has always found other women attractive she didn’t know she actually had sexual desire for other chicks until today. Keisha fires her to see how she will react. When Karlee begs and pleads for her job Keisha knows that tight little pussy is hers. She tells Karlee to strip naked and be quick about it and this is how the pussy licking begins.

I must say that while I have seen many girl on girl scenes this teen lesbian video is one of the sexiest. Keisha tells her to eat her pussy and then pulls her panties aside. Karlee’s lesbian instincts take over and she begins to expertly run her tongue around the pussy and clit. She is a natural clit licking master but soon moves on to eating Keisha’s tight little butt hole. Moaning with pleasure these lesbians just can’t stop. Soon they switch places because Keish is so worked up from getting her ass licked that she now wants to be the one giving.

She tells her young lesbian assistant that after she tongues her ass and pussy she is going to fuck her. Then like the perfect dominant teen lesbian that she is, pulls out a strap on from her desk drawer. I’m sure all young lesbians keep a huge pink strap on handy at all times. But anyway, after licking on Karlee’s moist pussy and ass for awhile she puts that strap on to work. Bending her cute little helper over Keisha plows her hard and deep with her fake pink dick until she cums once again. Both of these chicks have amazing curvy asses and big round tits. They are so fucking hot.

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