Dulce’s Teen Ass Gets Fucked By Her Stepbrother


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3 weeks ago

Dulce’s Stepbrother really wants her little teen ass. This sexy 18 year old girl has him so hard all of the time that he is loosing his mind. Today while their parents are away at work he starts grabbing on Dulce and she resists coyly. What he doesn’t know because she never lets on is that she is a naughty freak  and she would love to have his cock. After she playfully pushes of his advances for awhile Dulce starts to give in because deep down she is turned on by him. It’s always the pretty shy looking girls that turn out to be the biggest nymphos as her step-bro is about to find out.

Horny Stepbro Finally Gets Her Sexy Teen Ass

Smiling Dulce lets him kiss at her neck while pulling her shirt up over her head. She enjoys it while he licks and sucks on her small firm breasts. As he continues playing with her perky little tits he removes her bra. Dulce becomes soaking wet when he starts to rub her tiny young pussy through her white cotton panties. She moans with need as his hand strokes on her twat. Dulce can’t wait to have him buried deep in her ass and she wonders if he is into anal sex. He removes her shoes and underwear and stares at her small perfectly shaved and smooth pussy.

Can He Fit It all In Her Ass

Dropping his face down between Dulce’s legs he begins to quickly lap at her snatch with his tongue. Now that his cock is throbbing out of control, he slides it into her pussy. However, he pussy is so tight and small that he can’t get it in all the way.He doesn’t care though because once his dick is slick with her pussy juice he has other plans. Pulling his cock from Dulce’s little snatch he then works it into his sisters awaiting teen ass hole. She is so small there that he can only get half of his prick inside of her. Though as he continues to work in and out of her ass his cock slowly begins to force its way deeper into her tiny butt hole.

Duration: 6:30

Rating: 92%


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