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If you like teen anal sex videos than you will love this one. Beautiful redhead Maci May is all about getting it in her round booty. She is getting ready to give her man an anal surprise that he will never forget. She takes a nice long shower to get herself all clean and ready. All the while taking extra care on her curvaceous ass and small perky tits. She gets her pussy perfectly shaved into an adorable little triangle. Getting out of the shower she dries off and heads in to the bedroom to give her fella a hard time.

Teen Anal Session Begins

She walks into the room in her towel while looking sexy as fuck. Knowing the whole time she has an anal surprise for him but acting like they need to hurry up and leave. However, he is not having any of that because now he wants her perfect booty right now. He pulls the cloth from her body and lays her back on the bed. Then he pulls her legs apart and stuffs his fingers into her wet pussy. She moans as he vigorously finger bangs her. With his fingers working in and out of her snatch so quickly she cums for the first time.

She Gives Him The Anal Surprise

It’s at this moment that she asks him if he wants to stick it in her thick booty. Now comes one of the hottest teen anal scenes ever. This chick can take cock in her ass like she has been doing it her entire life. Every smoking hot-teen should be as down to get butt banged as as Maci. She tells him she is gonna get him nice and hard so he can shove it in her ass. That’s when she sucks him into her warm soft mouth and he is like a rock in no time.

Her Booty Gets Slammed

He then flips her on her stomach while subsequently ramming himself deep into her tiny pink ass. Her anal surprise was the best present ever. Not to mention that is one of the sexiest teen anal clips on our site. Meanwhile Maci takes it like an ass fucking pro. Next he flips her on her back to plow her poop hole in the missionary position. We get a great view of her perfect pink slit during this part of the endeavor. She is wore out when the fucking ends with her asshole getting creamed in and oozing jizz down her leg.


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