Screwing My Slutty Babysitter


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10 months ago

My Babysitters Club
Chad needs a sitter so he calls up the babysitters club to get his regular girl Jillian Janson to come over. He has no idea at this point that she is such a total slutty babysitter, however, he is about to find out. While still on the phone making the arrangements he discovers his slut babysitter ‘s sexy red panties under his pillow. He hasn’t had a chick in his bed in months and none with underwear that small and enticing. That’s when reality sets in and he realizes that she has been a slut in his house. Damn, in his bed and he has been sleeping there. He wonders if this was a one time thing or has it been ongoing while she is supposed to be watching his kid.

Chad Sets Out To Catch His Slutty Babysitter!

This fella is highly upset with little miss slutty panties Jillian Janson for not doing her job. He also knows just how to catch a slutty babysitter and sets up a video camera. Chad really hopes it was a one time thing but will monitor to see if he can bust his slut baby sitter. When she arrives he answers the door all calm and cool like nothing is going on. He tells her where everything is and makes sure she is all set without giving up a sign that he is on to her. As soon as he leaves she is on the phone with her fuck buddy inviting him over to bang.

His Slut Babysitter Has Sex On Film

Wouldn’t you know it, after only 30 minutes his slutty babysitter is sucking a guys dick in his bed. It gets cut off by Chad coming home early trying to catch his slut babysitter in the act. Well, in fact he almost does but she sees him coming and makes her fuck buddy bail out the window. She is very nervous and frantic racing into the living room trying to act all normal. However, he is no fool and begins to confront her while she steadily lies to his face by denying it. That’s when he shows her the film and this slut is busted and really embarrassed.

That Ass Or Your Job

When Chad’s slutty babysitter realizes that she is busted she’s willing to do anything. I do mean anything  because she wants to keep her  job. She begins by sucking his tremendous Dick slow and deep. He always had erotic babysitter sex fantasies. Now he gets a chance for sex with this slut babysitter and she freaking hot! At this point when Jillian spreads her legs and lets him fuck her pretzel style, he practically said she was free. At last he busts a nut because she was so good and he sprays her small firm breasts. They both have a great time and I think she is sure to keep her job but with a few extra duties.

Duration: 8:31

Rating: 95%


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