Sally Manipulates Her Teacher With Young Pussy


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1 year ago
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Sally Squirtz Is A Girl Who Likes To Play and Get Her Way

Sally Squirtz shows up at her teachers house on Saturday to get him to sign a permission slip for her. He is not very pleased to see young Sally and makes his feelings of displeasure evident. However, don’t let young Sally’s pig tails and braces fool you, this little hottie is a pure sexual deviant. Sally then uses here her tight young sexy body to arouse her teacher. He is unable to resist a chance at Sally’s tight young pussy and and gives in to his desire. Somehow the gorgeous young teen is able to take a plowing by a gigantic cock almost the size of her arm. In the end it’s the teach who squirts, literally all over Sally’s face and braces but Sally got what she came for and leaves with her signed form. They don’t call her Sally Squirtz for nothing. Click the link below to see more of Sally and other hot teens

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