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Sexy redhead teen Gwen Stark wants to be a porn star. So she hooks up with Team Skeet and meets up with the producer to shoot her first scene ever. She is only 19 years old and says that she is a bit nervous because it’s her very first time on film. I think she was expecting a lot of cameras and people around. However, to break her in and see if she can perform it’s just her and the director shooting POV style. The sexy teen says she wants to do pornography for the money, free time and the sex.

This horny redhead teen is truly a freak. When asked if she has a boyfriend back home in Colorado she says no she just likes to bang dudes.  The the slutty red head stated that she meets guys on apps to have sex. She says that it is so easy that any one can do it. Her words were it’s like ordering a delivery to hook up with a dude. She says that so far she has not encountered any creeps but made one fella leave because he smelled very bad. For fun when she isn’t fucking she likes , camping, hiking, and comic books.

This Redhead Teen Sure Can Take a Cock

Gwen is a funny redhead teen with a hilarious story on how she lost her virginity. Her first time was in her attic when she was 16 and they got busted while in the act by her mom. She is pretty shy and did not even tell anyone that she was going to shoot an amateur porn scene. When asked what she thinks will happen once the film goes online she states that hopefully no one will see it. I’m pretty certain that within a few weeks almost everyone she has ever known will have seen her fucking on the internet.

Even though she has never even taken nude selfies she gets naked here with ease. She removes her dress and shows off her natural boobs and those 34 C cups are nice. Her pubic area reveals that she is in fact a for real redhead. Then she lays with her legs spread wide to show off her long pink slit. She spreads her pink pussy open while fingering herself. Her cock sucking skills are on point as we see next when she drops on her knees to slob the directors cock. He then fucks her doggy style and you can hear his balls slapping up against her clit as he pounds her. Then he rams her hard in the missionary position for awhile. However, her snatch was good and he pulls out and cums all over her pretty red bush.


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