Shyla’s Poophole Loophole


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2 months ago

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Poor Shyla Ryder, her boyfriend wants to break up with her because she wants to stay a virgin. She should be improvising with the poophole loophole but no one has ever explained this to her. Lucky for her that her boss is very concerned for her and wants to help her out. Her man calls her while she is at work and tells her he wants to end their relationship. He says it’s because she will not have sex with him. She tells him she likes him but she doesn’t want to become pregnant. Telling him they can talk about it later she hangs up.

PoopHole LoopHole To The Rescue

Her supervisor gets a bit upset when he finds water on his reports. However, he then notices that his aid is visibly upset. He also realizes that it looks like his pretty teen secretary  has been crying and his papers are sprinkled with tears. Then he asks her whats wrong? He tells her that she can talk to him and he is concerned about her. That’s when she lays the situation out and explains she doesn’t want to get prego. That’s when he tells her that there is a loophole to having sex while keeping her virginity and not getting pregnant.

An Education In Anal Sex

He tells her that “PoopHole LoopHole” is a term that means she can have anal sex. If she just lets her guy fuck her in the butt then everything is okay. There will not be any babies and she saves her pussy until her wedding day. Then because he is such a great mentor he takes her anal virginity to show her just how to do it properly. She actually really enjoys the anal sex with her employer. Her man is in for one hell of a surprise when she gets home.

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