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Abigail teaches charm school and she has a very precise motto on how they should be trained. Abi believes that nude teens are less likely to disobey and they learn faster. Not to mention that hot girls look better that way. So with Abigail Mac being a dominant lesbian and all she really enjoys her job. Her new student has a really bad attitude. Not to mention horrible manners and posture and she thinks that she can do whatever she wants. The hot young chick is about to get a lesson that she will never forget and Abi will thoroughly enjoy it.

You Must Be In Control of Your Nude Teens

Young Jillian Janson tries to be a hard case but that’s okay because Miss Mac likes them feisty. She already knows that she will be taking this ones clothes soon because nude teens break down much faster. Especially, the ones like Jillian, she thinks she is so tough and calls Abi a bitch. This only brings a laugh from her teacher as she then stuffs a ball gag into Jillian’s mouth and swats her with a ruler. The ruler smacks then become much more frequent while this ill mannered girls begins her schooling.

Strap On Dildo Training 101

After getting slapped around for awhile yet still failing to get things right a new method is applied. This is Abigail’s favorite part she is going to employee sex toy training. She knows that nude teens with a huge strap on shoved deep in their pussy is highly motivating. Mostly just because at that time they are completely dominated and utterly helpless. She makes her student undress and sit on a huge rubber cock while bouncing up and down on it. However, this one just does not seem to learn so she will require more attention.

Ramming Her With A Rubber Cock

Growing tired of this one being so damn stubborn she straps the huge fake dick on to teach her a lesson. Abigail lays Jillian down on her back and thrusts the large toy deep into her pink twat. The she continues to pound her over and over before flipping her over to fuck her some more. As thinks start to wind down Abi make her trainee like her pussy and ass while fingering her.. At the end of the day the only thing Jillian learned was that she loves pussy and wants some more. WTF

Duration: 8:31

Rating: 95%


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