Maryjane and Her Massive Melons


I feel lucky
1 month ago

When I think of nice big titties, Maryjane Mayhem and her massive melons come to mind. When this happy hookers boyfriend cheats on her, she hits the street looking for a guy to fuck. With her boobs sticking out in front of her like torpedoes she homes in on two dudes waiting for a bus. These fellas are more than happy to help her film a sex video. She wants to be recorded while fucking a stranger to show her BF. Talk a about devious, this sexy babe wants some serious revenge. She sucks the one dude off and fucks him while his buddy gets it all on tape. Her big boobs jiggle as this guy slams in and out of her. Well John how does it feel. Your chick just had another cock all in her mouth and pussy and you get to watch another dude bang your girl.

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