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12 months ago
His Bitch

Holly Hendrix Becomes His Bitch

Sexy young teen cutie Holly Hendrix gets a hard rough fuck punishment from a famous DJ who lives within their neighborhood after trespassing the house. So what could make a sexy little slut like Holly get turned into his bitch? Let me tell you how it all went down. Holly was snooping around a local DJ’s house. To be honest, this sexy little bitch is obsessed. Holly’s tight little pussy gets wet every time she thinks about this lucky dude.So while stalking his house while fantasizing, she finds an open door. Now coupled with stalking now the bitch is breaking and entering. She figures that so long as she is in there that she will snoop through his shit as well. With this in mind, she starts opening his drawers and looking through everything he owns.Is that a noise she hears?

Yes It Is, This Is How She Becomes His Bitch

So, fat cock Dj guy walks in while Holly is still inside. She is busted in the act be that as it may she starts explaining fast. Big cock DJ snatches her by her hair in spite of her apologies. Then choke slams her on the bed while ripping her shirt and shorts off. Despite her pleas, he slaps her tight pussy over and over. He flips her over so that he can get a better shot of her ass. Then forcefully ramming his big man meat cock deep inside her he begins to fuck her mercilessly. Even after the abuse she willingly climbs on his dick burying all of him in her tight pussy. He’s ready to cum, he pulls out of her little pussy and cums all over her face and mouth. That’s how she got made his bitch.

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