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3 months ago

Kagney Linn Karter gives Eliza Jane her first lesbian teen sex. Eliza’s tight little pussy has been getting so wet all of the time lately. She doesn’t understand why she is so horny non-stop. Yet the weirdest thing is that when she gets excited she is always fantasizing about other girls. Now she is really starting to wonder if perhaps she is a lesbian because damn she really wants to be with another girl. She has being eyeing their housekeepers big round tits and firm curvy ass all afternoon. When suddenly she remembers catching her mother masturbating with a big sex toy the other night.

As she starts to think about that rubber dong up inside of her while licking the pussy of another lesbian teen girl, she just can’t stand it any longer. Eliza heads down the hall to her mothers room. Good thing mommy is not home because this girl really needs that dong. After grabbing her moms sex toy to she heads back to her room. However, Kagney spots her with this dildo and smiles. She has been wanting to lick the bosses daughters tight young pussy for a long time and suspects she is a lesbian. Hmm, maybe she should go show this little girl just how to use that thing.

Lesbian Teen and A Double Dong

Once back inside of her room Eliza begins trying to shove the huge dildo into her tiny little box. However, her virgin pussy is just to small to get it up inside of her. She keeps trying and trying but it is no use. Now she is even hornier than ever and she just cant fit that thing up her pussy. Meanwhile, Kagney has been watching the whole endeavor through the door and smiling to herself. She just can’t hold out any longer and as her own inner lesbian takes over, she steps in to show this girl how it’s done.

At first Eliza is shocked and embarrassed by the intrusion. But in fact, the young lesbian teen is soon put at ease by Kagney. The two immediately begin making out while Eliza’s parents are not at the house. These two are so hot and worked up over each other. Eliza reaches her first climax fast and then Kagney gets that huge double headed sex toy shoved tightly into Eliza’s small pussy. Soon both of these worked up lesbians have cum and now ride the toy ass to ass. Her first experience with another girl was amazing. Good thing the maid comes over three times a week!!!

Duration: 9:31

Rating: 50%


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