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Naughty blonde slut Trisha Parks likes hard anal sex and she knows how to get it. She teases Brad by shaking her tight young ass at him while removing her shirt at the same time. He admires her nice firm tits with their small pink nipples. This guy has one thing in mind and that pushing his fat cock deep up into her tight little ass. She bends over for him to let him look at her poop hole while she spreads it wide for him. She has a fat pussy and it looks very tasty while she is on all fours. Trish doesn’t want to waste any more time so the sexy teen starts rubbing oil on her backside. With her bottom nice and slick he starts pushing the anal beads into her. She is able to take all of then into her rectum while he enjoys the view.

They have to get her ass loosed up good so she can take the rough hard anal sex he is about to lay on her. This sexy anal slut moans with need as he removes the toy from her pink button like asshole. She shoves her own finger into her ass and plays with herself. Next she insets a butt plug into herself to further stretch that ass out. He wants to eat her pussy so he flips her over to lick at her wetness. At the same time he works several fingers up into her butt. These two have had enough of a warm up and he slowly pushes himself into pooper. He then starts to pump into her furiously while she massages her perfectly shaved little pussy. However, he can only take so much of her amazing hole before he has to pull his bone out and cum.

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