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Daisy Stone is one hot chick and this girl masturbates for her boss before she lets him giver her the dick. Here’s how it went down. Daisy’s boss called the babysitters club to see if she was available. She was and they sent her right over. He always likes to ask for Daisy specifically because she always shows up wearing clothes that reveal her tight little body. Today was no different from any other and Daisy showed up looking sexy as fuck. Her ass was hanging out of her tiny shorts and she just looked like she needed some cock in her life.

Daisy Has A Dilemma

She does her school work while Mr Price is out but then remembers that her tuition is due. So she calls the school and has to argue with them about giving her an extension on her payment. Mr Price walks in and hears her on the phone and decides to help out. He gives her a check for way more than she earned. Daisy is a smart girl and gets the hint and she knows what to do. If the baby sitters club knew that their star girl masturbates while on the job she would surely get fired. Then again this hot teen babe does a lot more than playing with herself. Daisy is totally down to fuck and begins rubbing Mr Price’s dick before pulling it out to suck on it.

Sexy Girl Masturbates For Cash

Daisy sucks on his hardening cock and her pussy gets excited. She really enjoys sex and her pussy gets soaking wet. Mr Price bends her over while pulling her shorts down to play with her perfect ass. Daisy has a soft curvy ass that is absolutely amazing and Mr Price is admiring it. Her pussy is very pink and tiny. Daisy lays back and spreads her legs for him. She is gonna give him one hell of a show. Mr Price strokes his dick while Daisy rubs on her clit for him. After she gets herself off the first time she lets him shove his big dick into her little pussy.


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