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Some Rules To Follow and FAQ

Please read the FAQ and Rules to remain an active user! If you choose not to read the FAQ and rules , display common sense.

Q.Can I create a user group or forum ?
A. While as a registered member you can create social groups or forum

Q. Can I post links to my content, off site content , affiliate program , etc.
A. Absolutely *NOT* your content and you will be removed immediately !! You must contact us and be approved for any type of advertising. Because some users may not be sure if something is OK or not , when in doubt use the contact form in the top right corner and ask.

Q. Can I advertise, Blog Posts, In Groups, Hard Links, any Links , Banners Etc.
A. You must contact us first and your content must be approved and placed on our site by us with all future editing performed by us. Also , prices will vary so depending on your needs and placement will determine the price.

Q. Can I put images in my group or forum ?
A. If It is of an adult nature, legal, and does not advertise we do not generally care. Have fun!

Q. Can I post my personal porn ?
A. If it’s legal, go for it or contact us to post it for you !!! 18+ and straight porn or girl on girl only !!!!!

Q. Can I submit videos ?
A. Only your personal videos that you own the copyright to and does not advertise BUT they must be uploaded by us after being web optimized. Must be .mp4 format. Contact us and send your video.

Q. My asshole ex – boyfriend posted my pictures on your site what do i do?
A. Contact us submit a clear photo ID and A clear photo ID being held next to your face so we can Identify you and they will be removed within 24 hours of us being able to ID you. ( MUST BE READABLE AND CLEAR ) Sorry we also have to protect against fake take downs as well.

Q. I am a cam model can I submit a teaser clip.
A. For cam models you must be female or a couple, your promo must be good quality between 2 – 5 minutes. Contact us and if we approve it we will optimize it for web and upload it with a link to your model profile or chat room as long as you provide us the link. Photo ID and Model Holding photo by face images will be required. Your a cam model so you know the drill with the ID !

Q. Did I miss any questions ?
A. Probably many, if you couldn’t find an answer here please use the contact form to ask and we will continue to update your questions here while the site and user base grows.


Though stated in the FAQ briefly please contact us with your advertising needs. Banner spots can be purchased on a month to month or yearly basis and pricing depends on size and location. Hardlinks can be purchased monthly or yearly.Articles with backlinks on the blog or in user groups must be approved and 750 – 2,500 words high quality with images 496 x 331 web optimized 3 – 5 and a starting price of $35.00 with 2 links to “content” not index page. Life long links !

Refund Info ?

Pretty simple, if you bought it you bought it that’s it. However, in rare cases we will provide ad replacement or re-posts in the event that something should happen on our end.

Some more rules and common sense

No Illegal any thing, NO CHILD PORN EVER !! No Bestiality , zoo porn or any other animal porn !! NO Rape , Violence or Torture !! No material of you having sex with your cousin, even if she is hot, it’s still not legal in most states.


passionateteenangels.com will now be allowing video and image sharing on this site in which allows for the uploading, sharing and general viewing of various types of adult content and while passionateteenangels.com does the best it can with verifying compliance, it may not be 100% accurate.

passionateteenangels.com allows content to be reported via our contact form as inappropriate. Should any content be flagged as illegal, unlawful, harassing, harmful, offensive or various other reasons, passionateteenangels.com shall remove it from the site without delay.

Users of passionateteenangels.com who come across such content are urged to contact us with the link to it as soon as possible.

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