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Teen Curves
Curvy Teen Cadice Dare takes her man to the assparade  as she bounces that thick curvy ass all over the place. This blonde bombshell sure likes to show off but hey with an ass like hers who wouldn’t. Not to mention the fact that her fella really likes it and gets extremely turned on. She likes to wonder around the house in her lingerie with that perfect booty hanging out. This chick even walks around half nude outside without a care. Her neighbors must love having this sexy foxxx living next door because the view of her is lovely.

It’s AssParade Day

On this day curvy teen Candice is in the mood to show off her assparade skills. Her man is quite mesmerized by her perfect curvy ass. Candice smacks that booty to make it wiggle. Then she bounces , twerks and jiggles that ass so much that her pussy gets soaking wet. Yet she is such an awesome girl that she continues her  show for our benefit. Candice really desires to take a fat and long hard cock. However, she finally grows tired off bouncing her butt and rubbing her tits and this babe is totally ready for some dick.

Hot Curvy Teen

So this curvy teen then removes her g-string and spreads her tight pink slit wide open for us. The assparade might be over but the show is just beginning. This sexy teen then oils her curvy ass up and bounces around for us one more time before she takes the dick. However, this girls had enough and she is now cock crazy. She pulls her boys stiff throbbing cock from his jeans and stuffs it into her awaiting mouth. Then she begins to suck him up into her mouth and then release and suck him back into her warm mouth once again. She quickly begins to gain speed and take him deeper until she is gagging as his cock forces it’s way past her tonsils.

Round Curvy Ass

Now, the real assparade begins. He grabs his sexy curvy teen and bends her over the couch while inserting himself into her tight wet pussy from behind. As he enjoys the view of her curvy ass, he begins to drill his dick deeper and harder into her juicy pink pussy. Candice moans with pleasure and delight as she cums for the first time almost instantly. He continues to throttle her perfect ass and massage her little pink butt-hole. Feeling a tingling in his balls he finally blows a huge load of warm white cum all over her butt.

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