Sally Squirt in The Adult Industry

Sally Squirt is an adult actress who is quite popular among the teens niche. This is largely due to the fact that she is only 19 years old. However, wearing braces and standing only 4′ 11″ at 81 pounds also lends credit to her career role. She was born November 9, 1997 in the state of North Carolina and started in the adult industry in 2015. Sally the squirting teen is currently active and making new films. Her body decorations include multiple tattoos on a body with measurements of and piercings 32B-19-31. Her 32B cup size boobs are adorable with tiny nipples that get very long when erect. They are currently all natural with no enhancements which is probably a reason for some of her fans attraction.

Sally Squirt Has Aliases

Though Sally Squirt is a rather befitting name for an adult actress she does have some aliases.  Some of the other names she has filmed under are Vannessa Phoenix and Sally Squirtz. Her most recent model name of Sally Squirt pretty much speaks for itself. While performing, this pint size beauty can squirt like a fire hydrant and it seems like she can do so almost on command. Yes boys this squirting teen is one hell of a gusher and I have personally seen her spray about 5 feet while on film. She is quite popular and has done work with many of the top networks in the industry.

The Squirting Teen on Team Skeet


On the Team Skeet network she has played roles in My Babysitters Club and ExXxtra Small. True to form, Sally Squirt also played the part of a slutty teen having sex with older men. In her performance on MBC the young squirting teen gets taken advantage of by her employer. He blackmails her into having sex with him or he will tell lies so that she looses her job. During her act on ES she stalks her teacher and shows up at his house for him to sign off on a permission slip. However, the horny dude has other plans and once again she gets bamboozled into performing sexual acts on guys twice her age.

Taking on Roles Like a Chameleon

Though the squirting teen has only been active for two years she is very adaptable in her scenes. Sally Squirt has the potential to keep growing at a steady rate in the business. One factor that can certainly help her with this is her ability to switch characters so natural and effortlessly. She has worked with MOFO’s, Lubed, Tiny 4 K and Reality Kings, just to name a few. She has played in MILF on Kitten , Teen and of course squirting acts though there are many more. The sexy petite teen just keeps growing steadily and it could be possible for her to win some awards in the future.


Sally on Social Media

The young star is quite active on various social media accounts accounts. Some of then include, Twitter and Instagram and a Face Book Fan Page to name a few. Her twitter account shows 43,600 followers to date while her Instagram shows over 6,000 fans. Her FB page shows several thousand likes which is a big deal since most adult related materiel is general not as popular on Face-Book.  She may also have accounts under aliases but for now we shall leave those discoveries for another day.

Sally’s Demand By Her Fans

Her fame also shows that she is in high demand on some of the major adult model biography sites like Free Ones. At the time of this writing they have her globally rated among all other stars as number 603. Considering the huge amount of models in this like of work that number is actually quite good for her short 2 years in the business.

Rating: 100%


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