Creampies Make Babies

Creampies Make Babies and Zoe Wants One

Zoey walks in the door while chating with on of her friends.Chad is on the couch watching some TV. Because the front door is so close to the living room Can can’t help but over hear some of Zoe’s conversation. She is cooing to her friend about their small new family member and Zoe says she wants one. Creampies make babies and chad would love to creampie Zoe. However, the fact that creampies make babies is the issue for Chad. He does not want a baby, yikes! He realizes her name is still Zoe Parker because they are not even married. Becoming very nervous while thinking about this situation Chad doesn’t know what to do. Chad wants to in fact make Zoe happy but damn why can’t she just get a pet like most girls her age. As a result Chad decides to give in and give Zoe what she wants.

Creampies Make Babies and So Does Chad

Knowing that he will have to prove himself to her. While Chad know this he is now thinking with the wrong head and vows to figure everything else out later. Right now he just keeps thinking creampies make babies but now I get to creampie Zoe! He pulls Zoe into the living room and pulls her shorts off. Chad then buries his face in Zoes tight little pussy. chad knows it wont be so tight in 9 months cause well, creampies make babies. Paying special attention to her clit because he always loves to please Zoe Chad continues licking her pussy.While eating Zoe’s beautiful pussy Chad even sticks his tongue in her ass. Getting her ass tongued always turns Zoe on and she turns around to reciprocate by taking Chads cock into her mouth. This fool is trying to please her sexually as well as knock her up.

Creampies Make Babies But She Wanted A Puppy

In addition to the oral sex Chad now decides it’s time to pound in Zoe’s wet little twat. In spite of the fact that creampies make babies Chad has actually forgot about the baby part. As a matter of fact he is banging Zoe’s pussy so good all he remembers in his excitement is to cum in her pussy. Thus he in effect continues the brutal assault his cock is giving her pussy. Chad fucks her Doggy, missionary, sideways and any other way he can fuck Zoe because soon the sex will no longer be as good. Then with a final thrust he grunts while cumming in Zoe’s tight twat. Zoe freaks out because she sees Chads jizz leaking out of her little pussy. Chad explains he did it because that was what he thought she wanted. Zoe explains that while she wants a baby it’s supposed to be a puppy!!



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