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Sexy petite teen Jillian Janson is home all alone and missing her boyfriend Chad. Usually during the summer days Jillian is Chads naughty little ass fucked teen slut. However, now Chad has a job and Jillian is all alone but despite this she is determined to have some fun. Stripping off her clothes to reveal her toned body and firm perky tits Jillian changes into her swim suit. She will have some solo pool time while she waits for Chad to get home from work. She hates the fact that Chad is gone all day but on the other hand they need the money so she will just have to deal with it. Once in the lounge chair Jillian starts thinking of Chad and begins rubbing her pussy while fantasizing about his cock in her ass. Jillian is so worked up and she just wants a dick up her ass.

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Soon fingering her pussy just isn’t enough Jillian really wants to be a dirty little ass fucked teen slut. While thinking of this she rolls over and sticks a finger up her ass. Jillian continues working her finger into her ass because this ass fucked teen just getting butt fucked. As it turns out Chad got off work early and returns home to surprise Jillian. So Chad slips into the house quietly so as to surprise Jillian. Chad is thinking about the possibilities of the afternoon and contemplating making Jillian play his little ass fucked teen slut. As he surreptitiously makes his way to the back patio a sudden shock hits him while he steps outside. Jillian is already fucking herself in her own tight little ass with her fingers. Chad approaches to take over for his sexy little horny girlfriend.

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Chad walk up and squirts some oil in his hand and rubs Jillian’s pussy while she takes a break and enjoys. However, Chad is truly turned on and it is not long before he buries his face in Jillian’s soft pussy. He then licks her shaved mound all over paying extra attention to her tiny clit. The Chad flips her over because it’s time for her to be his ass fucked teen slut. This is a special game that Chad and Jillian have always played since they first started dating. He pushes his cock against Jillian’s ass and she squeals and grips the chair as his cock forces it’s way into her ass. Chad roughly pummels her ass and Jillian just takes it and loves every inch as it pounds deep inside of her. Jillian then takes Chads dick in her warm mouth just as he climaxes.



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