The Anniversary Friend Fuck


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3 months ago

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When Madelyn Monroe’s boyfriend gets held up on the job he had no idea that she was gonna give a friend fuck to his bestie. She spent all afternoon getting ready for him. Her new red lingerie arrived just in time and she was wearing her new red stockings. Along with those red-stockings was a matching g-string and Lacey see through bra. She had bought some anal toys from an online adult store and was all ready. Tonight was going to be the first time she let him fuck her in the ass. She figured he could loosen her up with the anal beads she bought. Then he should be able to fuck her ass real good and hard. She even waxed her pussy so that it would be perfectly hairless and smooth for him. Now he is late and she is growing more impatient  by the minute.

The Friend Fuck Switch Up

There is a knock at the door and she jumps up to answer it because it must be him. Answering the door in her sexy outfit she is stunned to see Ike and not her man. This hot teen is pissed off because she really wants her ass fucked. He has roses and tells her that her guy got stuck at work and sent him to bring her flowers. Screw it she is not letting this go to waste and will just have to replace him with a friend fuck from Ike. He thinks she looks amazing and when she tells him she wants to play with anal beads he is down. She tells him that she also needs her ass fucked by him and he says that he aims to please. She shoves his cock up her ass. Then she rides it while rubbing her pussy until she cums.

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